Sunday, February 8, 2009

Intro to Wokai.

Wokai means "I start" in Chinese. Through Wokai's website, Wokai connects contributors worldwide with entrepreneurs in rural China, to help them start small businesses.

The photos below are from Wokai's participation in SF's Chinese New Year's Fair. I currently help SF Wokai with their business strategy and also serve as the "official" photographer.

Go to to learn more and lend.

Also, Wokai's booth is setup on Washington near Stockton (in Chinatown), feel free to stop by today from 10-4pm (i'll be there from 12-4pm) if you're in SF.


  1. What beautiful photos! Thank you so much for posting them, and for spreading the word about Wokai.

  2. Lovely pictures. Thank you for introducing Wokai to your readers. See we earned those dollar bills with dignity!

  3. Micro finance is big in Bangladesh, I don't know why its not exploited as much in India where it has the most potential.

  4. Wow, great photos!