Monday, August 24, 2009

Sonar + Facebook Groups.

Like Sonarrrr... Radar, or maybe that's MARCO/POLO... whatever, who are marco and polo anyways? you ever get on facebook and go to the info section of your friends pages? Don't lie, you know you do... Well, I don't normally, but I have this friend, I call her Sonar (I have a @copyright on it, so back off), her name is actually Sonal, and well, unlike most people who join millions of groups, or those of us, who are almost at the zero end of the spectrum, she joins... interesting groups, in particular, groups that I would never be able to join. Allow me to explain with some examples:

Her groups/ Why I can't join:

1. Girly Movies/ I love them, but I might love bollywood and disney more
2. Caloricious Food and Smartass Friends/ I have trouble pronouncing Ca-lor-i-cious
3. WESTBRANCH/ Ladies and gentlemen, I grew up in Criminal Hill (formerly known as Chimeny Hill), not Westbranch!
4. I judge you when you use poor grammar/ I can't judge people with poor grammar, because well, as you might have noticed, I am no grammar queen
5.Please Try To Pronounce My Name Correctly/ I like it when people call me bihal (NOT), okay maybe I can join this one...
6. Houston. It's Worth It/ I agree it's worth it, but probably not for you!
7. For Those of You Who Think Those Rolling Backpacks are Just Ridiculous/ I kick myself everyday for not filing a patent for rolling backpacks. seriously, I love them
8. I Love Taco Bell/ enough said.

I am sure some of you will promptly go to facebook and join some of these groups, which is fine, but while you're there "friend" Sonal... if you can find her amongst the 9,300 Sonal's that are searchable.

If you have anymore fun groups for Sonal to join, please Suggest!

P.S. Sonal, how about "friend" for grammar??? What, do you not like facebook anymore =)?


  1. Haahaahaahaa!! LOL!!! Bijal, how do u think up these random topics??? It's great!!!

  2. Unfortunately/fortunately these are the things I ponder/think about.