Tuesday, September 29, 2009


To start off my time in India, I spent 10 days in Delhi getting oriented with Indian laws, politics, health issues, etc., and managed to have some fun while I was at it =). As part of the 'fun', we partook (is that a word?) in a scavenger hunt, which was pretty stellar. Below are pictures from the scavenger hunt around Delhi, including some signs that I found to be pretty humorous:

1. CNG Rickshaw (not humorous)
2. Recommendation to climb the stairs
3. Amy's Heartthrob (a.k.a. Salman)
4. Lotus Temple
5. Watermelon with a side of flies
6. Partners in Crime
7. Pakistan and India are friends
8. Sunset
9. Random Building Top (edited per Anonymous' and Bhezad's help)
10. Your dad.


  1. That's not the jama masjid- that's some government building.

  2. Are you sure, I took the photo from Chandhani Chawk.

  3. Sorry- posted as anonymous before- yeah, that's not the Jama Masjid- this is what it looks like- http://www.indianholiday.com/india-photo-gallery/images/delhi/jama-masjid-delhi.jpg

  4. Thanks for your help guys, it has been edited. Is there some building behind the Jama Masjid that I captured?