Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's Happening

Sprint! Yeah, the telecommunications company.

I am a loyal customer, but that is because I only use my phone to make calls, and am not really interested in fancy features. I also like paying less than $40 a month for an amazing number of minutes and free text messaging.

Anyways, I have never liked Sprint commercials, ever. I thought the CEO saying how sprint is revamping was crap and didn't really do much for me. But today I saw Sprint's "What's Happening" commercial. It is brilliant... I think.

I can't figure out whether my favorite part is:

  1. 233,000 just twittered on Twitter. 26% of you viewing this had no idea what that means.
  2. 2,000,000 people are sending a text message during a business meeting. Most popular subject:Diapers.

I like #1 because twitter is awesome (thanks J. Lee), but I feel like more than 26% of people watching don't know what twitter is (bad market sizing Sprint), especially because I was watching Desperate Housewives (yes guilty, but I don't watch regularly).

I like #2 because I know plenty of people who text message during meetings (not me =)). But diapers? That is just ridiculous... or is it?

Anyways a gold star to Sprint's new advertising gurus, and thumbs down to their strategic intelligence and marketing crew (for the low numbers, but please prove me wrong).

In case you don't watch Desperate Houswives:


  1. The verb form of twitter is, tweet. Gees. ;)

  2. So what's the past tense? Tweeted? Twitted?

  3. Yeah, tweeted! By the way, check out how Shaq keeps in real with Twitter:

  4. Sprint rocks! They may not be around for much longer, but in the mean time as they continue to lose subscribers, it makes the service better/faster for those left behind....