Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cookied to Perfection

Source: Food Librarian
Although I am not a regular Daily Candy reader, mostly because I live in SF now, and my subscription is still for LA (I know I’m too lazy to change it), I do get tempted to read it every now and again… especially when the subject is related to edibles that are sweet (a.k.a. desserts), or spas (yes I have a soft spot for being pampered, who doesn’t?).

Anyways, this morning, to my surprise/delight, as I was browsing through my email, I found a Daily Candy email with the subject: “Cookied to Perfection” (article pictured on the left). And since I am smart, I knew it was about cookies (please refer above to why I felt compelled to open).

And when I opened... there it was, a picture of animal crackers covered in white and pink frosting. Yum-miiiiieee! Remember these? Your mom use to pack a couple in a non-zip-lock bag (also known as a sandwich bag) for you to take with your lunch (okay well my mom did). Apparently, they fell off the map for a period of time (approximately 6 months), I had no idea!!! But have no fear, they are back in production and will be available at your local supermarket, grocery store, Walgreens, etc., soon (or maybe now). Enjoy!

Falling off the map: If you want to read about the history of how Mother’s Cookies randomly shut down one day, and then was bought out by Kelloggs’s please go here:

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  1. I was so sad when it was bought out! - Rachna