Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh Lulu...lemon.

So when you buy something from lululemon atheletica, they give you this bag that is pretty sturdy and is meant to be reused for a reasonable amount of time (meaning it's not as everlasting as a tote bag). Anyways, when I went there to buy something (I've only been once), I received said bag, and started to use it to transport stuff to and from work.

One day, my co-worker Sunny came over to talk and my bag was beautifully resting on my desk. He was in mid-sentence when he all of a sudden exclaimed "What the Hell (or maybe f***)?" In any case, he had read the following on my wonderful lululemon bag: "I will spend winter 2009 in Mexico with Sunny =) & our baby!" If you checked out the pictures above, you would have noticed that the artwork on the bag looks like my beautiful penmanship, it's not, and therefore I did my best to try and convince him that the writing was actually printed art on the bag, and that I didn't intend (and still don't) to have a baby with him this summer.
Thanks Lulu. No seriously, the bag is really cool and can handle all my jizunk.


  1. That's awesome!! Hysterical really...only you Bijal!! ONly you!!


  2. this post makes me lol everytime I read it. ;)