Monday, April 26, 2010

This post is inspired by a purchase I made while visiting Rajasthan, India:
Yes, I bought an Umbrella. Not just any umbrella, an anthropologie-ish umbrella (it was love at first sight). A sunbrella if you will... In anycase, as soon as I bought the umbrella Rihanna's umbrella..ella..ella..a started playing in my head. And I thought, I wonder how many songs in the world revolve around umbrellas... so this post is dedicated to some songs that pay tribute to, well, the umbrella!

Enjoy (contains videos)!

  1. It is only natural to have the first video be for a song that ruled the LA nightclub scene in the summer of 2007:
  2. The second song, recorded by Lee Morse -a famous American Jazz and Blue Singer-was recorded in the late 1920's (the fact that a song about Umbrella's was written in the 1920's got me wondering about the origins of the word 'Umbrella' so here it is - The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow; the term was popularized in the 16th century, but I'm not sure when people switched from using Parasol to the word Umbrella- back to the song, check-it:
  3. Okay this one is not exactly about Umbrellas, but it does highlight another one of my favorites: cartoons! This was directed by Bernard Derriman and he currently directs the PBS series "Big Green Rabbit":
  4. Going Bollywood: This post wouldn't be complete without some international flair, so here is a song about a blue umbrella (Chatri in Hindi) that is from the move "The Blue Umbrella"; in case you want to know more about the film - The Blue Umbrella :

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