Friday, August 6, 2010

Safety Seriously.

If you fly on planes regularly (choose your own definition), by now you have probably stopped paying attention to the safety demonstrations that come on while you are taxing to the runway... well I do anyways (if you are judging me, stop) until my trip to Bodrum, Turkey.

On my way from Istanbul to Bodrum, I flew Pegasus Airlines. I was about to close my eyes and hopefully fall asleep, when I heard a cute British accent over the intercom. To my surprise I looked up to find the most BRILLIANT (and cute) safety demonstration video. If there is a way to keep my attention (and probably many others) Pegasus found a way to do. Kudos Pegasus!

Check it out:

Btw, the Turkish version is super cute too:

As a side note, Pegasus offers super cheap tickets intra-Turkey, and their flights are great, so I would totally recommend them.

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