Friday, October 8, 2010

Tiny Prints = Big Impact

This post is long overdue, per usual.

This summer during my 'down time' (whatever that means), I came across and amazing place that has what I think will revolutionize the greeting cards market. For those who think Hallmark is still the place, please catchup. For those who think you are hip because you now do "online greetings" please can you be any less personal??

For those who are able to see where this is going... that is right, I am about to introduce you to a whole new type of greeting card: Tiny Prints Greeting Cards.

They are awesome, and their impact is not Tiny. In three easy steps (perhaps more steps the more creative you are) you can 1. choose a card 2. add photos and some personal text 3. ship the card directly to the recipient via US postal service (for only $0.34 or whatever the going rate is).

Voila - you just made your mom cry, your boyfriend smile, or your friend hug you (please note these cards are not limited to stated market segments).

I encourage you to check-out these cards, as I think they are the way to go. In addition, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season -- they also have holiday cards which are also pretty stellar.

Check them out:!

My Sample:

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