Sunday, March 15, 2009

Music Blogs.

Extremely Delayed Post from (Feb 14 weekend)

I have two really close friends who love to blog about music. They have two very different blogs, but both have an eclectic mix to share.

If you are wondering why I'm posting about their blogs, it's because I came to a realization this weekend. I have always liked music. In the early to mid 90's I was very into R&B and Rap. I had tapes and cds ranging from Soul 4 Real to Bone Thugz N Harmony... when I got to college, my "western" music interests fell off a cliff. I would hear popular songs at clubs or on the radio, and know them and listen to them, but I wouldn't say it was love.

I actually thought artists had just gotten bad... I was wrong.

This weekend, my friend Avani ( visited, and we all hung out at my friend Puneet's ( place. We were all sitting around listening to music from Pun's computer and MTV afterhours(right?)... I don't remember exactly, but the point is they played a lot of awesome songs like:

And again, I found love. For anyone who was feeling like me, I would encourage you to check out their blogs. I guarantee you'll find something that is up your alley. I did! And it's not that music has gotten bad, its that your tastes probably changed!

Pun and Av, thanks for sharing!

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