Friday, July 24, 2009

It Ain't the Butterfly, It's the Chupa Chup.


[Written on July 15]

So last night, I was at J.Lee’s place. We were getting set to go watch the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (it was awesome!!!). I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I even wore my Gryffindor cloak and brought my wand!

Sorry…I digress. Okay, so back to the topic at hand. We were in the kitchen grabbing a snack and all of sudden Jess pulls out a Chupa Chup! Have you ever had one? If you thought tootsie/blow pops were good (for they record, they aren’t), you will think these things are godsend. They are delicious. She got them as a party favor from a wedding she was at. What a great idea…no?

I first had Chupa Chups when I was studying abroad in Santander, Spain during high school. The university I was taking classes at had a food-truck right outside the building and one day I happened to try one and became hooked. I literally had Chupa Chups and tiramisu ice cream (the other treat I got hooked on) everyday for the rest of my time in Spain.

Anyways, if you haven’t had Chupa Chups, I suggest you get a hold of some (if you’re in SF, you can get them after your meal at Tropisueño)… and remember it ain’t the butterfly, it’s the CHUPA CHUP.

Note: Apparently the work "Chup" in Tamil (the language) means “suck.” Oh how the 'world of words' amazes me.


  1. Your Chupa Chup is still in my kitchen, yo. I will bring it the next time we play.

  2. Bij, I <3 Harry Potter with my entire muggle heart, but I still can't believe you have a cloak+a wand.

    Ok, yeah. I can believe it. :)