Friday, July 3, 2009

You Can't Have Any Color You Like.

For those of you who live in New York, I was wondering if in the last year, you have see any streets lined with bright pink (with black polka dot) trash bags (like the image above). At first when I heard about the "anycoloryoulike" project, and its attempt at the beautification of trash (with biodegradable trash bags), I thought "wow that is cool (eco-friendly)!!!"

But after further consideration, I decided that even though I love PINK, and the thought of pink trash bags sounds cool (in theory), it is not! Why would you ever want to beautify trash bags?? Beautifying things makes people more attracted to them, which makes them want to have/use them. Take the iPod, although mp3 players were out for a while, Apple's ability to create this sleek, fun to use device caused a music/technology revolution. I hope this isn't what happens with these trash bags (they are scented too apparently). We want to produce less trash not more!!! By giving people pretty trash bags, you are encouraging them to throw things away. I support the biodegradable aspect, but you can already buy bags with that feature, and for a lot cheaper.

So really, we don't want/need trash bags in "Anycoloryoulike", and I dislike(potentially hate) your project, Adrian Kondratowicz (I don't dislike you however, since I don't know you). The only great thing about these bags is they are $35 per 10, so who the heck (I had another word here before) would buy them anyways? Who, you ask? BIMBOS!

In addition, a bunch of magazines claim that these beautiful trash bags were meant for dual purpose - to beautify the city and help bring attention to how much trash we throw away. If that is true, then why the hell are you selling them[trash bags] on your website? I am semi-open to changing my mind about these bags and your project. But please, EXPLAIN.

Pictured below is more Bimboness (note: the photograph, as art, is cool):


  1. Bij--I love this little write up!!! Quite entertaining!! Btw, breakfast was fun today!! It ws great seeing you...


  2. Good point, this is another often-overlooked, non-sustainable facet of the American lifestyle. Look how we stack up against other countries:

    That said, beautifying RECYCLING bags would be a strong move. They already use blue pretty widely - of which I am a fan.

  3. I'm going to try to convince you that these bags are not for bimbos. Ready, let's go:

    These colorful trash bags are a statement. The statement being: Hey there, give me a second glance before you throw me out - kind of like the saying that one man's trash is another's treasure. Adrian K is trying to motivate this type of psychological association. And because of the rather high price, unlike your prediction, consumers would either not buy them or buy sparingly - which is also in line with AK's vision of reducing waste. With this type of good, people's price sensitivity will outweigh any considerations of beauty.

    I like the way this guy thinks - taking something that's traditionally disgusting and coating it with another layer of positive meaning. I wonder what else can be done with these insane bags? I might have to try making a poncho out of one ... They would go better with my colorful rain boots. ;)