Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lucky Ladybug.

Almost every Tuesday, my co-workers and I go to the local farmers market to get lunch. Today was no different (it is 7/7 however =)), except that while waiting in line for Donna’s Tamales (vegetarian + vegan…http://www.donnastamales.com/), my coworker Aditi tried to kill me.

Okay, I’m kidding; she only took a swing at me because she saw something crawling on my arm (in my defense I didn’t know that something was crawling). In any case, when I realized it was a lady bug, I started to panic. I frantically asked her where it went, and eventually found it on the ground, still, as if her attempt to shew it away might have literally scared the life out of it. My heart sank (yes, I’m a drama queen), but then I gave it a little tap and it scurried away. Oh, how relieved I was. During this whole process, my coworker as well as the people standing behind her whom I yelled at (“Be careful! There is ladybug!”) looked at me befuddled.

And that got me thinking… where did I get this notion that ladybugs are lucky? I googled ‘why are ladybugs lucky’ and although I didn’t find a great reason, I did find that a lot of different cultures around the world find ladybugs to be lucky. So even though my coworker and the onlookers thought I was crazy, I now know I’m not!

Also, I used to have this toy ladybug phone, and when you pulled it the wings flapped. I tried to search for it and find a picture, but couldn’t. Did anyone else have this toy?

Btw… has anyone used Bing, the new Microsoft search engine? I just tried it to ask my ‘why lucky ladybug’ question, but it yielded the same results as Google. I guess I’ll have to read up on its value proposition.

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