Sunday, December 21, 2008

All I want for Christmas are SOCKS.

... and a slanket, but let's talk about the socks first.

I know what you are thinking, every year you get socks as a stocking stuffer or even the main gift and you totally think "this is lame." I probably would too if it was the only gift I got, but not this year. I called my mom yesterday and told her I really wanted socks, my toes have been crazy freezing this year, not unlike most years but more so than before, hence the socks.

Now she will head off to our local department store or Target, and she will buy me a pair of warm fuzzy socks (Thanks Mom =) ), but what I really want are these:
Are these not the coolest socks you have ever seen? I am in LOVE. I would ask my mom to buy these, but she is not an online shopper, and I'm already asking for a gift, therefore it would be rude to ask her to change her shopping habits. So, if anyone else owes me a gift, these pair of socks are under $10 (but would be valued much higher to me) and can be purchased here:

And the second item on my list, which I didn't tell my mom about, but have told others about with no luck, is the Slanket. I learned about this genius of a product from my friend Julie Picquet (btw she is applying to law school so everyone wish her luck!!), she is also known as LJS (10 points to whoever can figure out what LJS stands for). Anyways, I agree that this product might be overpriced, but it looks so comfortable. And for those of you that know me, there is one thing I love to do, wrap myself up with a blanket, sit on the couch and watch stupid chick flicks like John Tucker Must Die. The link to the slanket is here:

If you have spare change, feel free to email me and I can give you my address =).


  1. the ones i got you are better :)

  2. I want one of these slanket myself, too! Your blog must be very popular. it's completely sold out online. :)
    Are you going to tell us what LJS stands for?

  3. No, but you can take a guess =).