Saturday, December 20, 2008


I took a picture of these leaves from Srivatsan's balcony... I thought it looked pretty cool with the reflection of the water in the background. Any thoughts?

By the way it is freezing here in the Bay Area. I didn't realize how cold it would get, since everyone always says the weather in California is great year round, they lied!

I have had to pull out my heavy duty, puffy, black, down (fake) jacket. I have been called everything from Marshmallow to Michelin in this jacket. Although I might look semi-ridiculous, and not trendy, it keeps me way warmer than you... so EAT THAT!

In case you don't know who or what Michelin is, I've provided a picture courtesy of
And no, I don't think I look like a marshmallow or Michelin Man/Woman, considering my jacket is black.


  1. love the background in this pic. i was staring at it to see if i can figure what everything is but its a puzzle.

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