Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hi Ned.

The "Hi Ned" part will make sense in a second. So I got an email today from an old colleague asking me about a program I participated in when I was in LA, and to help that person learn about the organization I went looking for the url and then naturally I went to the site.

Now before I finish the story, I'd like to tell you more about the program.
Riordan Volunteer Leadership Development Program (RVLDP)
The program is a 10 month program that brings together young professionals of varying backgrounds, who are all interested in non-profit board governance, to learn about what is required to run/start a non-profit. There are a range of topics covered from fundraising to legal responsibilities. It was a pretty cool program for several reasons:

1. I met Ned, hence the "Hi Ned." Yes, he reads my blog.
2. It was a great way to make new friends that also live in and around the Los Angeles Area
3. I had the opportunity to intern on the board of the Pacific Council on International Policy
4. I received invaluable advice and information on what is required to keep a non-profit afloat, stay out of legal trouble, and also received a variety of other resources
5. I got to explore downtown Los Angeles (don't screech, it's not that bad =)).

Anyways, so as I was on the site, I noticed my picture pop all of a sudden, not once, but twice. It was pretty cool, considering the only place I ever see my picture online is on facebook.

If you live in LA and want to learn more about the program go here:; I highly recommend it for the reasons above. If you don't live in LA then at least scroll down and look at the glamour that is my class... or not =).

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